The (often) missing element in the gay marriage debate

Conversation Magazine


Amid all the discussion of marriage and ‘alternative’ sexual relationships and the interpretation (or dismissal) of the key biblical texts there is something very often missing from the debate. What is that missing element?


We are blinded from seeing the importance of this by various inter-connected myths:

  1. Sexual activity is necessary for human flourishing and identity.
  2. A single person is not whole / fulfilled / valuable without a sexual relationship.
  3. The cure to loneliness is romance / marriage.
  4. A single person cannot be deeply loved or experience emotional intimacy without a sexual / romantic relationship.
  5. Deep love between two people must be romantic / sexual.
  6. Deep celibate love between people of the same gender is impossible.

These are lies. The perfect man, perfect human – Jesus Christ – was single. Romantic and sexual relationships are not the only place in which we find love, intimacy and fulfilment. Deep love (contrary to…

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